Three-Z-Inc. has been helping local homes and businesses grow since 1976!

We deliver the quality materials you need and provide the service you expect.  Our building and landscape materials are available for either pick-up or delivery.

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Located in Valley view & Eaton Township

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Our experienced drivers can deliver directly to your job site or home to help save you time and money. Three-Z-Inc. provides fast and friendly professional service.  We do not make you wait!



Main Office and Material Yard

8700 Heinton Road
Valley View, Ohio 44125-4130
Phone 216-524-4544
Fax 216-524-5876

West Side Yard

34020 Royalton Rd.
Eaton Township, OH 44028
Phone 888-524-4544

Triple Shredded Bark

The bark has been shredded to a fine texture.  It is dark brown like the color of coffee grounds or chocolate.  The color does vary slightly depending on how long it has been aged.  It is easy to spread by hand or with a mulch blower.   

Triple Shredded Organic Black Bark Mulch

The best mulch out there! This is 100% pure shredded bark that is color-enhanced to a deep black color. It maintains its rich color longer than other black mulches on the market as bark is naturally darker than hardwood. When it decomposes, this mulch improves the soil by adding much needed nutrients. 

Colored Mulch

Comparable in texture to many triple-shredded mulches on the market.  Made primarily of fresh wood from tree companies with no reclaimed wood content. FDA approved colorants will not harm plants or soils. Comes in black, brown, or red.  Sold by the cubic yard.  

Custom Z

 This mulch is a mixture of shredded bark, hardwood, and leaf compost. It is very fine in texture with a natural, rich dark brown color. Because it contains compost, it provides valuable nutrients to the plants and helps keep the soil moist.